Thursday, July 24, 2008

Microtouch Touchscreen configuration and calibration

Since i had to deal with a few touchscreens at work, i'd like to summarize my experiences with linux' touchscreen capabilities, or better yet Xorg's touchpad support.
The latest touchscreen i got my hands on was integrated into a terminal-pc of the company ict, which is a german company that is specialized on these kinds of terminals. All i could tell from the looking inside the machine's designer case was that it's touchscreen was connected vie RS232 on Com2 and that the touchscreen's manifacturer was propably Microtouch Systems, a company that (at least by now) belongs to 3M. Since the terminal came with Windows 2000 preinstalled and preconfigured, i was able to check further information on the touchscreen form its Windows driver. The Touchscreen was indeed a serially connected Microtouch device with firmware version 6.0. Another quite important fact was the serial port configutation for the touchscreen, namely the baudrate of 19200.