Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Splashy faulting with Error -3, wtf?!

If have a long running Debian installation and once get bored with its, well lets call it conservative, looking boot process, you might, just like me, decide that you definitly need a nice splash animation for the boot process. In Debian world, this basically comes down to two alternatives: usplash and splashy. The latter being the more modern choice, a decision was made and installed pretty fast:
aptitude install splashy splashy-themes
Alright, so now i just needed to set a variable in /etc/defaults/splashy:

Blogspot vs. blogging framework on own web server

After trying out a few blogging frameworks on my own webserver, i got tired of constantly reading about security issues of basically any blogging framework. So i decided to let google host my blog. Basically, i'm here out of laziness.